The Allison Lab

Year of arrival: 1997. Professor. B.Sc. Biological Sciences, University of Alaska, 1982; M.Sc. Biology/Cytogenetics, University of Alaska, 1984; Ph.D. Zoology/Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of Washington, 1989; Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1989-1997; Visiting Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, July 1996-July 1997. Molecular and cellular biology: Subcellular trafficking of proteins; nuclear receptor and oncogene expression.

Courses Taught
  BIOL 203 (formerly 225) Introduction to Molecules, Cells, & Development
  BIOL 442 Molecular Genetics
  BIOL 443 Molecular Genetics Lab
  BIOL 460 Nuclear Structure & Gene Activity